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News from the Road – July 2022

This month has been a crazy one. With our second production run ending, it was time to spend a few days delivering some units to dealers on the road. With most of the dealers in the western part of the U.S. covered, we needed to point the truck in a different direction. I had visited Pennsylvania in the past several times for various trips, personal and business but never took the time to take in some sights.

We left in the morning, destination Fretz RV one of our most recent dealers, to drop off a couple of units and train the sales team on the product.


From Skinny Guy HQ, it was about a 10-hour trip. We arrived at the dealer just before close. We dropped off our trailer in a secured lot and spent a few minutes meeting some of the staff, who were excited to see such a unique product. We hung around until close and then proceeded to drive to a pub suggested to us for dinner, the food was great, and they had outside seating so the pup could join us. After dinner, we retreated to the campground we had booked a few hours earlier and ended up enjoying a campfire after setting up the Skinny Guy Camper. I think it took longer to start the fire than it did to set up the camper.



The following morning, we woke up early to make breakfast and then folded up the camper so we could be at the dealership by 9 am. We drove through Quakertown, admiring all the beautiful homes and countryside. We arrived at the dealership, where we backed in just inside on the showroom floor. The location seemed appropriate as we showed the camper off all day!

The staff was terrific, and we enjoyed talking to them about the camper and its options and features. The team was very engaged, asking questions and taking videos of the different processes. Having such a great dealership to handle the Skinny Guy Campers product line, we hit the jackpot. If you live on the east coast, stop in at Fretz RV and check out a Skinny Guy Camper and tell them I sent you.