Skinny Guy Campers is proud to announce our recent RVIA certification!


The RV Industry Association (RVIA) is an association that represents 450 RV manufacturers and numerous aftermarket suppliers. RVIA works with state and federal regulators and lawmakers to ensure its members have a favorable business environment and manages an inspection program that audits RV manufacturers for compliance with certain safety standards. The association inspects methods and quality of plumbing, heating, fire and life safety, and electrical system codes. Members of the RVIA must follow the strict guidelines created by the entity to help ensure safety while RVing.

Why now?

We’ve been working behind the scenes here at Skinny Guy, doing everything we can to make getting your camper on your truck as straightforward as possible. Our recent certification from RVIA will provide opportunities to expand our dealer network even further, allowing our dealers to offer retail financing options to their Skinny Guy Camper customers.

Every step of manufacturing at Skinny Guy is meticulous and intentional. While we’ve always aimed to keep safety, longevity, and value top of mind, the addition of the RVIA certification simply provides further peace of mind to our customers.

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