About Us

We love the truck as a platform and were tired of subpar RV-type camping equipment. We decided to start Skinny Guy Campers to change that. Our products are designed and built to last.

How it all started

What started out as an idea on a hunting trip in New Zealand in 2019, morphed into an overland truck camper for any truck, any garage, and any trail. With years of RV experience under their belts, Jason Bontrager, SGC’s co-founder & CEO, and Donavon Frederickson, SGC’s co-founder/original camper builder were heavily involved in offroad and RV products from early ages.

Jason grew up working at his family’s RV manufacturing company in Indiana and Donavon as a diesel mechanic and at his family’s RV dealership in Montana. On the trip, as they discussed their mutual distaste for quality issues that plagued the modern RV, born was the idea to create their small truck accessory.

Donavon built the first one (pictured here in his barn in 2019). In late 2019, Jason visited Donavon to check on his progress and found the design to be quite the marvel. In 2020, Jason brought the camper back to Indiana and began building the team to begin spinning up the company to make this one-of-a-kind product.

From an overnight in your backyard with your kids to a trip around the world, this camper is built for almost any adventure.

Bare Bones

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Skinny Guy Camper (SGC) weigh?

First of all, rude. Haha. It depends on the options that you choose, but somewhere in the range of 500-1,200 pounds depending on your model and trim level. Your Skinny Guy will be only cab high and will have a negligible effect on your truck’s fuel efficiency. Our design also allows you access to the space in your truck bed to store other gear you might want to take on your adventures.

How many people does a SGC sleep?

A SGC will comfortably sleep 2 adults. Get creative if you need to bring more adventure buddies. You can put the ones you don’t like as much (or the kids) in a tent on the ground.

How do I put it on my truck?
We have a patent-pending jack system. The jacks will help you get your Skinny Guy at the right height to back your truck into the correct position. You can slowly lower the Skinny Guy onto your truck bed. You can find some cool how-to videos of this on our social media channels.  Plus, the dealer you choose for delivery will help teach you how to take your Skinny Guy on and off. We also have a proprietary bed bracket system that is installed into your truck bed to ensure the weight of the camper is transferred to the truck’s chassis instead of setting fully onto the truck bed side walls.
How do I store it?
You can store your Skinny Guy in your garage (if you have room). In the future, we’ll have a couple of different storage solutions to make it even easier to store your Skinny Guy Camper.
With a SGC installed, is there still room in the truck bed for other things?"
Yes! Your Skinny Guy will sit on top of the walls of your truck bed and our patent-pending stilt mounting brackets, so your bed and gate will function like normal. Convenient? Heck yes. Load up your gear and go explore!
How do I pick up my SGC?
Lift with your legs (just kidding). Once your Skinny Guy is ready to head into production, we will reach out and find out which of our awesome dealers you would like to visit for delivery. They will be happy to serve you and can provide financing if needed.
Will it fit my vehicle?
We have six different models in development that correspond with the most common truck bed lengths (in feet) – 4.5, 5.0, 5.0 GLR (for Gladiators), 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, and 8.0. If you happen to have something custom, it would be a good idea to check with us first.
What is the warranty?

If the problem started with you saying, “Hold my beer,” it’s probably not covered.

All of the components on the camper have a one-year warranty.  Many of the components have their own warranty, which may be longer.  The structural warranty, including the tent, is also one year.  We have selected materials that are made to last.  Due to wear and tear, the tent is the only component you should ever have to replace.

How much does a SGC cost?

The retail price starts at $15,500 and goes up to $29,500 fully loaded.

Is financing available?

Of course. We ask for a $500 deposit. Once your Skinny Guy is ready to head into production, we will check back with you and will ask for 20% of the total price of your wicked cool camper. At this point, you can also select your pickup location by choosing one of our awesome dealers nationwide. The dealership will help with the delivery, installation, and financing (if needed) of your product.

Where are Skinny Guy Campers made?
We proudly make Skinny Guy Campers in the USA!*

*Truma Combi and Refrigerator (made in Germany)

What if I have more questions?
Pop on over to the Contact Us page to get in touch. You can also give us a call, send an email, or click the Let’s Chat button on our website.