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Skinny Guy Campers is excited to announce the launch of ARMOR. The ARMOR product line is the first of its kind to bridge the gap between the Overland and RV communities. Its rugged presence and unmatched quality will leave a lasting impression on those who cross paths with it. ARMOR reflects the lifestyle, goals, and values we at Skinny Guy Campers strive to maintain; quality of life, originality, and family.

A distinct gap has formed between the Overlanding world and the traditional RV community. Thousands have dreamt of the exploration that few have attained. For many, exploration and Overlanding is a life goal. It’s one that often requires a measure of sacrifice and/or decades of preparation, financial saving, or separation from family.

ARMOR was designed to bridge these two distinct worlds in a never-before-seen fashion. The ARMOR 15B is a family-oriented floorplan that unlocks a whole new world for families or groups seeking the Overlanding lifestyle, truly sui generis, at a never-before-seen price point. ARMOR also serves as a platform for more severe Overlanders and Weekend Warriors that will adapt and suit their needs. ARMOR is the result of over 30 years of first-hand commanding experience in the RV world, with roots not only in the Heartland of America, but Down Under as well. Whether the plan is to trace the Pan-American Highway, explore the beauty of North America, or conquer the local RV park or Tailgater, ARMOR is sure to hit the mark and get you there without breaking the bank!

 ARMOR Highlights:

  • Zero wood construction
  • SGC’s proprietary EXO™ construction
  • EXO™ = Proprietary extrusions, 3M film, and rubberized lower protectant
  • Metal and composite cabinets
  • Assembled with bolts, like a truck (not with staples or screws like an RV)
  • BAL High Clearance and Independent Suspension
  • Truma Combi Heater & Water Heater
  • EXO™ Rubberized lower Protectant & Seal
  • REDARC RedVision Power Mgmt System
  • Acrylic Windows and Doors
  • UnHoly™ Roof – minimal holes in roof
We anticipate launching in January of 2024, with an estimated MSRP of $44,950. For more information on the ARMOR 15B or other Skinny Guy products, contact info@skinnyguycampers.