Truck Campers, But Make It Garage-Able
At Skinny Guy, we understand that camping should be about embracing adventure, not worrying about logistics. That’s why we’re proud of our camper’s “garage-ability.” You might wonder what that means, but it’s a term we’ve coined to describe the unique ability of our campers to seamlessly fit into any standard-sized garage.

So, why should you care about “Garage-Ability”? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

  1. Convenience at Home: With our campers’ garage-ability, you can effortlessly keep all your camping essentials in one place, ready for your next thrilling journey. No more scrambling to gather gear from different storage spots – everything you need is conveniently stored at home.
  2. Save on Storage Costs: Say goodbye to costly storage facilities. With our campers fitting perfectly into your garage, you’ll save money on storage fees and have more to invest in your exciting outdoor adventures.
  3. Protection from the Elements: When your camper is parked in the garage, it remains shielded from the elements. This means your investment stays in pristine condition, providing you with season after season of exploration without the worry of weather-related damage.
But that’s not all! Our campers’ compact design also allows them to fit effortlessly through drive-throughs, navigate parking garages, and access more remote camping spots that larger RVs could only dream of. Say hello to newfound flexibility and the freedom to explore wherever your truck can take you.
At Skinny Guy Campers, we’re committed to making camping hassle-free and accessible to everyone. If you’re ready to embrace convenience, savings, and endless adventures, look no further than Skinny Guy.

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