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Skinny Guy Campers is excited to debut the new BaseCap™ model at the 2023 Overland Expo East. The BaseCap™ is the only cab-high canopy camper on the worldwide market. While it looks like and has all the storage capability of a traditional truck cap, the BaseCap™ roof opens 180 degrees into a canopy camper with 6’ of sleeping space. Designed with the same high-quality and durable 1/8” aluminum shell as our other Skinny Guy truck camper models, the floor and cabinets have been removed, which allows the customer to have floor to ceiling storage space. We have added lots of MOLLE inside to enable customers to build out their kit and bring along all the gear they need for their best adventures yet.

We have added a removable hammock system for additional sleeping space (bring along the kids). The fold-out bed includes a mattress and is surrounded by the same tent structure as our truck camper models. A baggage door has also been added to the passenger side of the camper for access to your gear at the front of the bed. Unlike all other canopy campers which only offer entry through the tailgate, all Skinny Guy Campers, including BaseCap™, give you a side entry and staircase. The proprietary anti-trap latching system on the rear hatch allows the user to open the hatch from the inside or outside so you won’t get trapped inside out on the trail. To ensure your gear is secure when you do head out for a hike, the BaseCap™ features a lockable bed lid and lockable side and rear hatches.

The BaseCap™ model also includes our patented rain-water catchment system, a 12V charge port, and a USB port. The BaseCap™ will be available in all sizes currently offered for our traditional truck campers, Models 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 8.0, and 5.0 GLR in mid-December 2023. Pricing has not been finalized, but we hope to offer the BaseCap™ model at an estimated MSRP of $11,000. All Skinny Guy Campers are built to RVIA specifications, making them financeable using traditional RV financing sources at you local authorized Skinny Guy Camper dealer.