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News from the Ranch – May 2022 Edition

There is so much happening at SGC HQ. It’s finally warming here in northern Indiana. The trees are starting to green up; spring birds are arriving, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome springtime and sunshine. Here’s the latest news from the ranch.


6.5 Model Update

Our second production run of 6.5 models is nearly completed and has already started shipping to our fantastic dealer base. Check the LOCATE tab on our website to find a dealer near you. Parts are flowing in from our vendors in preparation for our next production run starting the first week of June.


5.0 Model Update

In R&D, our prototype 5.0 model for midsize, short bed trucks arrived back from powder coating ready for the interior to be installed. Next, the prototype will go to the tentmaker, who will get to work engineering and manufacturing a tent for this model. If all goes according to plan, the 5.0 model will be available this summer.


5.0 GLR Model Update

Jeep owners will be happy to know the 5.0 GLR for the Jeep Gladiator is also making its way through Research and Development. We made some profile changes to this model to make sure it looks rad for all those Gladiator owners patiently waiting on a Skinny Guy Camper.


5.5 Model Update

The 5.5 model parts have been ordered and should be arriving any day. We will then begin assembling the exterior shell and fitting together all the fantastic options in all of our camper models.


TACO’bout a Good Time…

No one will ever say we don’t love our work at SGC HQ. We love an excuse to cook and eat around HQ. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with hot tacos, cold brews, and great company.


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