News from the Ranch – June 2022 Edition

Somehow, it’s already June, and it’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through 2022. The days here in northern Indiana are long, and the nights remain cool, at least most of the time. We are as busy as ever here at HQ. Here’s the latest news from the ranch.


6.5 Model Update

The production department is working on the third run of our 6.5 model and expects it to be complete by the end of the month. This means another shipment will soon go out to our fantastic dealer base. Check the LOCATE tab on our website to find a dealer near you.


5.0 Model Update

In R&D, interior installation is complete with cabinets, roof, and tie-down system all added. As you read this, the 5.0 is at the tentmaker, being fitted for a tent. We’re on schedule for the 5.0 model to be available this summer.


5.0 GLR Model Update

Good news, Jeep Owners. We received some parts we’d been waiting on for the 5.0 GLR for the Jeep Gladiator and with the similarity of its interior to the regular 5.0 model, it won’t be long before it catches up in development.


5.5 Model Update

Here’s some exciting news for the full-size crowd with the extra short bed. We’ve started the assembly process on the 5.5 model, with the exterior shell near completion. Our focus now is the mock-up of interior parts for the 5.5 model.


Memorial Day Weekend…

The team enjoyed a little extra long weekend with family and friends on Memorial Day weekend. Not far from our minds, though, is the sacrifice made by our service men and women to provide the freedoms we enjoy daily, and for this, we are truly grateful.