Camper Features

Check out what’s inside!

Spacious Interior

The Skinny is surprisingly open inside, allowing you to stand up with 84” of interior headroom. 

Some of the larger features available include:

  • Functional Kitchenette
  • L-shape Dinette seating up to 4
  • Hot & Cold Bullfinch Shower Port
  • Comfortable Sleeping Space for 2

Smart Exterior

The Skinny includes an integrated patented Rainwater Catchment System (RCS). Integrated into the lid, the RCS collects all the rainwater that is shed off the tent area above the bed. ​For easy installation, removal, and storage of your Skinny Guy Camper, we’ve designed and patented our own fully removable Receiver Tube Jack Bracket System to shave weight from the camper.

Space Saving design

Skinny Guy’s camper design retains the tailgate in all applications. This allows the tailgate to be used for locking in valuables when out of a multi-day hike and allows the hitch to remain free for towing a trailer or for mounting a bike rack. This also allows the factory rear camera system to remain intact. ​When reserving your camper you can pick the appropriate model for the size of your truck bed.

Endless Customizations

Customize your Skinny Guy Camper to meet your adventuring needs, with a variety of available options including:

  • Internal Cooktop
  • Sink w/Hot & Cold Water
  • Truma® Combi Eco 14,300-BTU Furnace w/Integrated Hot Water Heater
  • Internal Refrigerator
  • 5-Gal. on-board LP Tank
  • Heated Fresh Water Storage Systems
  • Easy Self-Deploying Tent System
  • PrimoLoo Internal Flushing Toilet with heated wastewater storage tank
  • 100W-190W Integrated Solar Panel which both provides a 12V charge while in travel mode and also folds open for use while camping